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Work at home, or in a library

There is a great deal of useful work that can be done by either working from home, or in a library. Here are a few suggestions:

Sawyer’s List

An important aim of the Project is to list the charters that have bounds in English in a readily accessible form, together with a brief description of the charter’s contents.

Fortunately, Sawyer’s List is an online source containing brief details of charters, including whether they have bounds in English. Simply going through the list and extracting the number and brief details of charters with bounds in a very important first step in the project.

You can find out more here…

Field Names

Field names have an important role in studying charter bounds. The Tithe Assessments are an important source of information about field names. However, the format of the assessment is not the easiest to work with, as land holdings are grouped under the owner’s name.

Transcribing the names in numerical order makes subsequent study much easier.

You can find out more here…

Old Maps

There are several online sources for old maps, and local reference libraries have a wealth of material.

Maps will also be made available on the Project Resources Website.

You can find out more here…

Google Maps and Aerial Photographs

The detail and clarity of the Satellite images in Google Maps has already led to discoveries of new archaeological sites.

There are also sources for aerial photographs on the Internet and aerial photographs will be among the available resources for the project.

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