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Sawyer's List

Sawyer's Anglo-Saxon Charters

Peter Sawyer's Anglo-Saxon Charters: an Annotated List and Bibliography is the most complete listing of Anglo-Saxon charters.

It is now available on the Internet at:

Sawyer’s list gives a brief description of each charter and, where appropriate, mentions the presence of bounds. (see the example here...)

A time consuming, but necessary, first stage in the Anglo-Saxon Charter Bounds Project is to extract all of the charters that have bounds in English.

This simply involves working through Sawyer’s list and noting the numbers of charters with English bounds and copying and pasting the brief description. Then use the "Next Charter" button to move on, etc.

Recording is best done using an Excel sheet as shown below.

(You can download a template for this here... )

If you would like to help with this simple, but important task, please click here to join the project.

If you  are already a member of the project, please use this form to let us know which task you wish to undertake.

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